We’ve gathered here at WP TopDog the top 6 most popular websites created with WordPress. These are websites that are mentioned from three out of four websites that showcase the best of WordPress.

1. Sony Music – mentioned by: WPBeginner, Sprout Social, and Optimizer WP

Sony Music uses their WordPress website mainly to feature their artists. They also list the record labels they’re partnered with. Aside from these, they also have featured videos, news, a link to the FAQ page, and their live Twitter feed. Their homepage is simple but the focus of their website is quite clear: to bring your attention to their artists.

2. Vogue – mentioned by: WPBeginner, Sprout Social, and Optimizer WP

Vogue uses their WordPress website as a blogging website. Below their featured image, the blog entries will be listed. To break the long list of blog posts, they insert either a looped video or an image banner after every eighth post.

3. Beyoncé – mentioned by: WPBeginner, Sprout Social, and Optimizer WP

Beyoncé uses her WordPress website as a photo blog. It’s mostly image-heavy and tells the story of her life, the way she wants to show it.

4. MTV News – mentioned by: WPBeginner, Sprout Social, and Optimizer WP

MTV News use their WordPress-powered website by a blog-styled theme. The blog is listed in a simple three-column lay-out with featured images.

5. Harvard University Graduate School of Design – mentioned by: WPBeginner, Sprout Social, and Creative Blog

Most of Harvard University’s websites are powered by WordPress. The featured image above is for Harvard University Graduate School of Design, but aside from the website above, they also have Harvard Rugby Football Club, Weblogs at Harvard Law, Harvard Gazette Online, and Neiman Journalism Lab. Harvard’s list of websites are the perfect examples showing the diversity and flexibility of WordPress.

6. Time Inc. – mentioned by: WPBeginner, Sprout Social, and Optimizer WP

Time Inc. has a simple homepage that showcases how WordPress can create a powerful website in simple ways. The homepage shows the video header, featured posts, dynamic image banners, and images with texts and link button. The layout can be as simple as what Time has, yet readers can easily navigate the website as how it should be.

Honorable Mention: WhoIsLeon – from ElegantThemes

WhoIsLeon showed up in a showcase of Elegant Themes. I was absolutely in awe of his site, and ‘stunning’ is an inadequate word to describe it. He has created a minimalist website (since the website is his portfolio) with great animations and a layout that will floor you.

Source: WPBeginner, Sprout Social, Optimizer WP, and Creative Blog.

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