I have done some research on WordPress plugins that are recommended by various WordPress websites namely: WordPress, WP Mayor, WPSiteCare, PCMag, TheBlogMaven, and ThemeTrust. Here are 22 of the most recommended plugins for WordPress that you might find useful for your own sites.

21. WPTouch – recommended by PCMag

Image from WordPress.org plugins repository

WPTouch allows your website to be mobile-friendly, so your viewers don’t have to zoom in to enjoy the site. It’s a useful feature to have since most people nowadays use mobile phones or tablets to browse the web.

20. WP Rocket – recommended by WPSiteCare and WPMayor

Image from WP Rocket website

WP Rocket allows you cache your website’s data for faster loading. This plugin can be used on the first install without configuration. It’s like a plug-and-play for plugins.

19. WP Migrate DB Pro – recommended by WPMayor and WPSiteCare

Image from WP Migrate DB Pro website

We have various reasons to migrate a website’s database. If you find yourself in that situation, WP Migrate DB Pro can help you in migrating your database to or from another server without any of the hassle.

18. WooCommerce – recommended by WPMayor and WPSiteCare

Image from WooCommerce

WooCommerce will ecommerce-enable your website. This is most useful when you want to add a shop on your website since WooCommerce is built with the features of WordPress in mind — from the looks to the performance of the plugins. WooCommerce allows you to customize, view reports, and add several paying methods.

17. TablePress – recommended by WPMayor and ThemeTrust

Image from TablePress.org

TablePress allows you to add a table on your posts and pages without using any code. This simplifies how you add a table on a blog post you have or have a page that shows a beautiful table necessary for your website. You can also edit the sheets with ease as the look of the table you add is as how you see it in a spreadsheet.

16. Shortcodes Ultimate – recommended by WordPress and ThemeTrust

Image from WordPress.org plugins repository

Shortcodes Ultimate allows you to add some shortcodes (CSS codes) without destroying your website’s design. It allows you to add items on your page or posts where you can only do the design using CSS (like adding animation, layouts, buttons, etc.) so this plugin makes it easier for you to customize it.

15. SearchWP – recommended by WPMayor and WPSiteCare

SearchWP replaces the default search engine of your WordPress website and refines it to show a more accurate search result of the content of a website.

14. Optin Monster – recommended by WPMayor and TheBlogMaven

You know those pop-ups in WordPress websites that invite readers to subscribe to their website, or even purchase something? With Optin Monster, you can delay the appearance of the pop-up, allowing the reader to go through your content without distraction. You can tell Optin Monster where to display the pop-up — “at the right place, at the right time, to the right audience, so you can increase your conversions.”

13. Mailpoet – recommended by WordPress and WPMayor

Mailpoet can manage all the newsletters you provide to your readers. It can also give you statistics on who subscribes to your mailing list and schedule when an e-mail is to be sent to the subscribers.

12. Contact Forms & Website Analytics – recommended by WPMayor and ThemeTrust

Contact Forms & Website Analytics (formerly known as LeadIn) is a marketing plugin. It checks what your reader does on your website and how often they visit your website. Once you learn these things, you’ll understand what your readers want to see on your website.

11. Google XML Sitemaps – recommended by TheBlogMaven and WordPress

Image from WordPress.org plugins repository

Google XML Sitemaps generates special XML sitemaps that allow search engines like Google, Yahoo!, etc. to index your website better. It supports all kinds of WordPress plugins and it will notify the search engines of the most recent posts and updates you have on your website.

10. Disqus Comment System – recommended by ThemeTrust and PCMag

Disqus Comment System replaces the default commenting system of WordPress with a user friendly commenting system where you can have a threaded commenting, approve and/ or reject comments left on your posts and a whole lot more.

9. Contact Form 7 – recommended by WordPress and PCMag

Contact Form 7 is for your contact page where you can customize and include a CAPTCHA to avoid having spam in your comments section.

8. Broken Link Checker – recommended by PCMag and ThemeTrust

As the name suggests, Broken Link Checker checks your website for any broken links. It’s quite useful since this can avoid losing potential readers from stumbling upon a page or post that will just show an error.

7. Akismet – recommended by WPSiteCare and PCMag

Akismet is created by the team behind WordPress. It’s a plugin that checks the comments section of your posts or pages for spam. Spam never stops in the comments section of any website. Akismet will be able to keep the comments section clean as much as possible. It won’t be 100% perfect but it gets the job done.

6. Wordfence – recommended by WordPress, ThemeTrust and TheBlogMaven

Wordfence protects your website by providing you a high level of security for free. It alerts you if your website encounters a multiple log-in attempt.

5. W3 Total Cache – recommended by WordPress, PCMag and ThemeTrust

W3 Total Cache stores data for of your website to allow the website to load faster. This is ideal for websites that have images on websites, especially those that have big file sizes for their image.

4. VaultPress – recommended by WPSiteCare, TheBlogMaven and WPMayor

VaultPress is a plugin that allows you to backup all your data. You’ll be able to create backups and restore the data of your website in just a few clicks. You can never say if the adjustments you’re doing can affect the whole of your website. Better be safe than sorry by having a backup. To be able to use VaultPress, you’ll need to have a monthly subscription to be able to use this plugin.

3. Gravity Forms – recommended by TheBlogMaven, WPMayor and WPSiteCare

Gravity Forms is used for creating any kind of forms you need on your website – may it be a contact form, survey, or whatever you need. It’s easy to use with its drag-and-drop feature to allow you to customize how you need the form to look.

2. JetPack – recommended by WPMayor, PCMag, ThemeTrust and WPSiteCare

With Jetpack, you will be able to maximize your website’s presence on the social media. It counts the number of times your post or page has been shared. You’ll also be able to see your site’s statistics, improve your security, manage your site better and, use it to decide on your content for better traffic

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast – recommended by all six sites

WordPress SEO by Yoast optimizes your website and it checks all data you enter for each post or page. These checks can allow your posts and pages to become more interesting for the readers. This plugin can also optimize your website to enable your sites to easily be located on any search engines.

Source: WordPress, WPMayor, WPSiteCare, PCMag, TheBlogMaven and Themetrust.

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