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Since May of 2016, I’ve been learning WordPress from online tutorials. I found three WordPress tutorial websites which I compared based solely on how easy it is to understand for a person — i.e., me — who doesn’t have much knowledge on the nooks and crannies of WordPress. I had spent some time using WordPress before from maintaining a personal blog which I’ve stopped because of the lack of a good story to blog about.

From May to July of 2016, I’ve learned from watching these tutorials to actually trying them out. You can never understand what you’re trying to learn if you don’t get to actually try it out. From that perspective, I create another review of my initial thoughts with the tutorials I found in YouTube from two months of watching these tutorials.





LearnWebCode created a series of WordPress tutorials for beginners to advanced users. The speaker is easy to understand and information is not as overwhelming since the tutorial is divided into topics — from installing WordPress on your local computer to adding content on your website. As I’ve mentioned, learning is harder if you don’t try things out yourself. For beginners exploring the possibilities of WordPress, this is the most practical since you can try it before opening your wallet to domain and web hosting services.

The only downside which I was not able to mention in my first review was that it has PHP programming. It’s not much of a downside since learning to code will allow you to personalize your website. Personally, I want to learn to code as well but I can truly, with all certainty, confirm that I do not get along well with programming.

However, you don’t need to worry as much because even though this tutorial says that themes are not something you can customize as much as you want to, I can guarantee that you can find available themes out there that are truly customizable. You just have to know where to look.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not discouraging the tutorials of LearnWebCode at all. Programming is all well and good and especially useful, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re willing to learn how to code, you can use this tutorial without a doubt. The main focus of LearnWebCode is to teach the viewer to design a website. It’s pretty understandable since adding content on your website is not rocket science. Creating posts and pages are easy enough to learn, knowing how to present these posts and pages are what you need to learn.


Tyler Moore



Tyler Moore‘s WordPress tutorial shows everything from registering domains to finishing your website. I have mentioned before that it’s great for someone who wants to watch everything in one sitting but it’s also overwhelming to see everything in one go. With this tutorial, you can see step by step how to create a website and how to make your website attractive. There’s only the length of the tutorial as your constraint. Having to watch a two-hour video is exhausting on the eyes and the mind.

On the other hand, he did create links to specific sections so you can jump to a chosen topic. Also, the first bookmark describes a checklist, a PDF for you to download to track your progress.





WebTegrity uploads new videos every Wednesday. It has playlists for beginners, how-to’s, reviews, tips, and more. The videos are useful for beginners and those who just need a little guide. The videos are lively with the speaker being able to introduce topics without dragging it out.

Most of the basics are covered by WebTegrity. All the videos are in a playlist already which serves as the catalog for all videos on their channel.


James Stafford



James Stafford creates a new tutorial on how to make a WordPress website every year. In between those are other useful tutorials in making your website better. The tutorial is detailed and has a proper introduction on what can be done in WordPress. The how-to guides not only include creating a WordPress website but also other tutorials that can help you improve it.

James Stafford’s videos include getting the host site and domain before proceeding to create your own WordPress website. His tutorial on how to create a WordPress website is in the same manner as Tyler Moore. The video also lasts for more than two hours since the instructions are continuous from start to end. However, like Tyler Moore’s, he provides links to specific moments in the videos.

If you are already decided on creating your WordPress website, complete with the step-by-step process, you can’t go wrong with the video tutorials of James Stafford.


Ferdy Korpershoek



Also known as WordPressking, Ferdy Korpershoek provides complete WordPress website tutorials and more. There are videos available for beginners and also include more than just creating WordPress websites. Tutorials for WordPress plugins are also available with this channel which helps in getting more of your WordPress website.

Much like the videos of Tyler Moore and James Stafford, the tutorial on creating a WordPress website is at least an hour long. The tutorials are easy to understand, with proper demonstration and explanations on what are to be expected in creating your WordPress website. Like Moore’s and Stafford’s, Korpershoek’s videos also come with links to specific sections.

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