Interested in getting your subscribers to communicate with one another on your WordPress website? You can do that by installing the plugin BuddyPress. It’s that simple! With BuddyPress, you can create a community on your website where you have the option to allow your users full control of their account profile, have the option to change their notifications and settings, connect to other members of your website, send a private message to other members, see activities of other members, create groups, and monitor new posts and comments. When I tried installing BuddyPress myself, not all features mentioned above were activated by default. For example, I can disable groups in the settings. Basically, I have all the options to control what users can do on the website.


BuddyPress Components

There are also other plugins that are made to be compatible with BuddyPress. They’re simple plugins but just work really well with BuddyPress and go hand in hand with maximizing BuddyPress. One example is BuddyPress Follow. It adds a feature on your BuddyPress enabled website to allow users to follow your account without the need to befriend them. It’s like having a Twitter account and all you need to do is install a plugin for your website.

Another is UserPro where you can add the option to log-in to your website using social media like Facebook and Twitter to name a few. You’ll be able to map the info that will be used from the social media site like names and profile photos and it would be useful to your users who always use their social media to log-in to their account on your website.


Sample of UserPro Feature

Having your own community enabled website is easy to do. You’ll only need to install a plugin to jumpstart your own community with your website and install a couple more to give your users the best experience on your website. I’m sure you’ll understand BuddyPress without much hiccup along the way.

I’ll be writing a more detailed review of BuddyPress so stay tuned!

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