Sometimes, you need to update your WordPress website for enhancements, e.g., new themes, plugins, or other features. This can be for a major website update, or a content update. Major updates can take some time to finish, and in the meantime, you’ll need to put all or part of your website on hold for a while. You can use a plugin to show your readers that your website is under maintenance using the plugin Under Construction by Webfactory Ltd. With the Under Construction plugin, you can select from more than 20 designs for the maintenance landing page.

The first step is to install the plugin after which you’ll find an UnderConstruction menu on the Admin Bar.

A red oval will show on the right side of the Under Construction menu when the plugin is turned off, which is the default. When you hover your mouse, a quick setting is shown where you can toggle the status. There’s also the Settings where you can customize the Under Construction theme and more.

The settings are further subdivided into Main settings, Design settings, Content settings, and Access Settings.

Under the Main settings, you’ll be able to toggle the Under Construction Mode, set the automatic end date and time when it’s active — the Under Construction Mode will automatically end on the specified date and time. There’s also the Google Analytics Tracking which will need your Google Analytics tracking ID for you to be able to track the visitors of your site while it’s Under Construction.

From the Design Settings, you’ll be able to select the theme for your Under Construction page. As of this writing, there are 27 themes available for you to use as the landing page design when your website is under maintenance.

You can see that the designers had some fun with the themes.

Once you’ve selected your theme, you’ll need to key in what you need to show on your maintenance page. You’ll need to enter the title and description; the title is the text displayed on the tab of the browser, while the description is what a reader can see when they search your website from a search engine. The headline is the header of the content that will reflect on the Under Construction page. Content is where you write the details of why your WordPress site is under construction.

A login button can also be made available for your website even if it’s on the Under Construction mode. The last option on the content would be to allow Under Construction to place a small link of the Under Construction Plugin by WebFactory Ltd. on the footer of your Under Construction page as a credit to them. While this is purely optional, let’s do WebFactory a favor and promote them on your website.

On the bottom-most portion of the Content tab of the settings, you can add links to your social media accounts for you to be able to give your readers other options on showing your brand. By default, the social media fields available are what you see below. There is still a ‘Show more Social & Contact Icons’ for you to choose from if you want to add more social media icon links that are not listed by default.

An Access setting is available on the Under Construction plugin settings where you can select the user role that would be exempted from the Under Construction settings. You can also whitelist specific users that will not be affected by the Under Construction page. This would be helpful for owners who would need only chosen users to be able to access the WordPress website without  affecting the rest of the Under Construction settings.

Support has also been made available under the settings of Under Construction for the FAQ that will help you with most of your concerns.

You’ll also be able to contact WebFactory directly for any concerns with the plugin.

The last option on the Settings is the PRO, where you’ll register for the Earlybird discount where you can get more features once you’re a Pro user. You’ll just need to enter your email address and indicate how you’ll use the plugin.

You’re  likely to have to take down your site at some time for maintenance. Be sure to remember UnderConstruction when you do so.

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