You’ve stumbled upon a beautiful website and just thought, “I want to make this kind of website for my own business”. After some digging, you find out that the website was created with WordPress and you just don’t have an idea on how to use it. You search high and low but you just can’t figure out how it was done. Don’t think that you’re going to a dead end. WP TopDog is here to help you out.

WP TopDog is a website where we compare different WordPress-related websites, varying from the usefulness of the website and the pros and cons of it. Our goal is to recommend you the website that best helps you to learn what you need to know in WordPress and reach your ultimate goal – creating your website. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) where there are over 17 million websites created with WordPress, along with thousands of themes and over forty thousand plugins, you won’t be able to figure out which ones to use overnight. Through our comparisons and recommendations, you will gain efficiency and become accustomed to it and be able to swiftly create a professionally executed WordPress website on your own.

At WP TopDog, we can refer you to what you need to know, have relative ease and effective way to make your website updated and much more attractive on how you want it to be and make your website how you want it to look for your targeted readers. WP TopDog is also useful for the pros who are only looking for any updates on plugins, themes and anything WordPress that are already available in the web.  We will be able to guide you and have easy updates and links for WordPress. We are here to guide you to where you need to go and make your website-creating adventure easy, rather than endlessly searching through the web.

All the websites that we feature at WP TopDog have been checked by us to know the effectiveness of what we recommend. We gather all the websites that we see most useful in understanding WordPress and make the information available to you. When you subscribe to our website, we’ll keep you updated on anything and everything you need to know in WordPress – from themes to plugins and anything in between, we post it here.

Know how awesome it is that that you have don’t have to keep searching or switching from one tab to another to find what you need about WordPress. Just go to WP TopDog and it’s all there.